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Studio TKM Associates specializes in the conservation of artistic and historic works on paper including master drawings, graphic art, architectural drawings, globes, maps, historic wallpaper, documents, artifacts and ephemera as well as Asian paintings and prints on paper and silk.


Our 1800 sq ft studio is located in a renovated concrete loft building which is furnished with the relevant security measures, equipment and materials exclusively for the conservation of works on paper.

We are committed to providing conservation treatments and services of the highest quality for each and every project, from world-renowned fine art collections to modest works of sentimental value. We are sensitive to scheduling and budget needs, and work to be of assistance however it is felt our expertise is relevant to the concerns of our clients.


Our professional philosophy is based on a concern for the esthetic, historical and physical integrity of the objects with which we are entrusted, and is tempered by actively pursued interests in connoisseurship, in technical developments within our profession, and in the exercise of craftsmanship.


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